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Vicco, Kentucky (1936)
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Vic Tedesco stands in front of the Pastime Theater where he was the projectionist.  Later Vic became a well known Jeweler and ran Papania Jewelry Store in Hazard for many years.       

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Another Main Street photo taken near the Vicco Pool Room and Pastime Theater.  Notice the popcorn machine on the right, with the sign: "Hot French Fries...Popcorn."

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The front of the Pastime Theater in Vicco.  The sign overhead promoted "The New Adventures of Tarzan" with Herman Brix who was later known as Bruce Bennett. Behind the women are posters for the movies "Seven Keys to Baldpate" (1935) with Gene Raymond and "The Professional Soldier (1936) with Gloria Stuart.

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Posing on the railroad tracks at Vicco.  The building on the left was a "black only" restaurant known as the Busy Bee Cafe..  Notice the word, "colored."  The business on the right was owned by Claude Millard. 

Photos submitted by Billie Reda Sowers, Dayton, Ohio

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