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Perry County Law and Order
Two early newspaper stories from the legal docket


Tent Cases Fined (3-11-19)

Prompt action was taken in connection with the unsightly tents on Main street last week. Police Judge H. C. Minnich(?) issued warrants for the tent occupants, and Marshal Tolbert Holliday brought the parties before the Court.

J. A. Collins was tried Saturday and fined ten dollars and costs. The jury was composed of Messrs, F. S. Messer, Eli Combs, N. C. Combs, W. W. Oliver, J. G. Price and Joe Duff. 

These gentlemen, with the Police Judge and Marshal, comprise a roll of honor who have the heartiest thanks of the entire town of Hazard. They performed a very important duty, and did it expeditiously. As keeping with the tents open is a separate offense for each separate day, the tent occupants all hastily vacated Saturday night, and since that time the former disagreeable conditions about the tents have disappeared and all who have to pass there began to breath with relief, especially ladies. 

Arrangements were stared at once toward getting rid of the tents as well.

The cases of Jim Newberry and Tom Wilder, who occupied the other two tents, were continued to Tuesday, at which time they were taken up and all cases were adjusted satisfactorily by agreement worked out by Marshall Tolbert Holliday and fully agreed to by Judge Minnich.


Still Captured Near Glomawr (5-27-20)

A still operating about one-half mile below Glomawr Station, and within two hundred and fifty yards of the railroad, was captured on Wednesday afternoon by Sheriff Richmond Combs, John Smith, Russell Wooton, Garrett Horn and Henry Eversole.

The still was in operation at the time of capture, and several gallons of liquor had already been run off.

The still was so well concealed in the brush that the sheriffs did not know they were close until they came almost to it.

Goodloe Combs, well-to-do merchant of Glomawr and son of John E. Combs of Lothair, was captured along with Fulton Newberry and Ed Davis.
A confiscated still displayed in front of the court house c. 1930s
A confiscated still displayed in front of the court house c. 1930s
Combs claims he had nothing to do with the still and was walking through the woods, and ran upon the others.

This the thirty-ninth still that has been destroyed by Sheriff Richmond Combs and his deputies in the last two years. By such good work as this Perry County can soon be rid of moonshiners and bootleggers.

Thanks to Arlene Woods