Viewer Requests Help Identifying Photograph

Received via e-mail (7/99)....
While going through my deceased mother-in-law's belongings I came across this old photo. She was born and raised in Hazard and lived all her life here.  No one in the family knows anything about this photo. If you could put it on your site and ask if anybody recognizes any of the people, location, what kind of ceremony is taking place, etc., I would really appreciate it. It is fascinating to us. To me, the people look European or at least not from around here. What do the symbols on the sashes, etc., stand for? There are no markings on the photo to give us any clues. Your help would be appreciated as this is a mystery to us.
Thanks.  Bertha Cottongame
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Readers Respond:
In 1911 thru 1913 there was a group of Hungarian workers in Hazard digging the Hazard tunnel. In August and September of 19ll there were two major cave-ins. These people are definitely burying one of their own. Perhaps it is one who was killed in a cave-in. The photo may have been taken by John G. Kinner, who was sent here to document construction work on the L & E extension thru Breathitt and Perry Counties. Just a thought! -- Leo

Could be the funeral of an Oddfellow. An organization similar to the Masons. I know that the interlocking three rings on some of the mantles is definitely one of the Oddfellows' symbols. -- Sharon Carnes

The photo of the men is very interesting. My great uncle was John G. Kinner who was the official photographer for the L&N Railroad. This was probably a picture taken by him sometime during the years 1911-1913. The men are Hungarians who came to the U.S. to construct the railroad. -- Betty Cornett Feagan

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